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Fuel Subsidy Removal

It is not the case that we have been oblivious to the double wedged sword that has pierced the heart and lungs of Nigerians and Foreign Investors. It is the case that I went to see what is going on and how to relay the truth.

Here are the facts and quotes from Nigerians today:

1. “The streets are empty because it is too expensive to leave your house.”

2. “People are angry, hurt and feel betrayed. Did we vote for Badluck Jonathan?”

3. “It is not that difficult to build oil refineries”, according to a lady selling bananas on the street in Ikota.

4. “Oil belongs to us and so does fuel! Why do we still allow Oyinbos (a local dialect for The White Man) oppress us.” -Quote from a man who wished not to be identified.”

5. “This subsidy has changed everything and will affect everything.”

6. “The government should have focused on infrastructure FIRST. Build roads, school, houses.”

7. “Pure water of N5 now costs N10’. We need the government to look at what people are going through.”

8. “Since morning, I have barely gotten any costumers. And the transport money to get home has now doubled.”

9. “This is now a country for the rich. What about the poor?”

10. “Oyinbos do not punish their poor people oh!”

*Reporting by T. Alfred Adebayo, Contributing Writer and Photographer at Nonny’s List and Victoria Dawodu-Chizea 

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