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Rhoda Ebun is a Fashion Stylist who studied English at the University of Lagos and Fashion Styling at the London College of Fashion for Fashion. She has also interned at top London high-street brand River Island's head office. 

"Being a stylist comes natural to me" she says. "I grew up having my friends asking me for fashion tips, and I spent a lot of time buried in fashion magazines growing up to see how designers and stylists put together colours, patterns and style."

According to Rhoda, “the main objective of a stylist is to create a look out of the norm”.

"It is not about what you wear, but how you wear it", she affirms.

********** THE INTERVIEW **********

NL: What inspires you artistically?

RE: I’m inspired by colours, patterns and style. I believe if used well, they can they

influence a person’s mood positively.

NL: How has the Lagos fashion community reacted to the work you produce?

RE: I have gotten positive compliments with the few fashion shows (Arise Magazine

Fashion Week, and Cancer Awareness Music and Fashion Week), photo shoots and

individuals I’ve worked with. I’m always open to constructive criticism; which will help me become a better stylist.

NL: What challenge does a stylist face in Nigeria and is there a sustainable

future for a stylist in Nigeria?

RE: Its still a small and growing industry which is competitive. But it is an industry filled

with possibilities and opportunities and if you work hard at something, you’ll attain the

goal you want.

NL: What is your trademark look?

RE: I don’t have a trademark look. I like to experiment and flirt around with different

styles, but for me, comfort is key.

NL: Name three things you think every woman should have in his wardrobe?

RE: A Lady should have a party dress (doesn’t have to be black), black pumps and a pair of jeans.

NL: Why do you think Nigerian fashion industry is doing well right now?

RE: Yes, I definitely think that the Nigerian fashion industry is doing well. Although, it is

not where it should be, the fashion industry brings positive attention to Nigeria. It is also great to see our designers being patronised and recognised internationally.

NL: What is your opinion of this statement: the fast rising success of the

Nigerian fashion industry is definitely helping Nigeria’s image. Now people

will see we make clothes that are colourful and we don’t all live in huts, and

wear Ankara.

RE: This is not a random statement, but a statement of fact. Nigerian designers now

showcase internationally, and international shows are featured here in the country.

Foreign designers are inspired by local prints and designs as in the case of Burberry

using a print similar to that used by Jewel by Lisa.

NL: Who is your favourite fashion designer, Nigerian and non-Nigerian?

RE: My favourite Nigerian designer is Tiffany Amber because of her timeless pieces and

Grey because of their everyday fashion staples. I don’t have any favourite non-Nigerian

fashion designers. I have to keep an open mind.

*Nonny Photography | Location: Silverbird Galleria