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NL: How do you think the music industry is influencing the Nigerian Fashion industry? 

AM: They compliment themselves because a lot of what people wear is copied from music videos and magazines. Musicians experiment all the time and that can be negative or positive depending on what the trend is at that moment. The fashion industry in Nigeria also has its own thing going on. To be honest, I think the fashion people are doing their own thing and sometimes they borrow of what the fad is which is what the big celebrities are wearing. I would say that the music industry has more influence in fashion trends in Nigeria rather than vice versa. 

NL: What do you think of this statement: The fast rising success of the Nigerian music and fashion industries are definitely helping Nigeria’s image abroad. 

AM: For the past 10-years, I have had the opportunity to travel outside the country, for my job as a lawyer and a consultant. When I get to customs in airports and I say: “I’m here for a conference orI’m here for a meeting”, the visa entry process goes smoothly. However, when I say: “I’m from Nigeria”, the reception is different. It’s like “Ok, cool, what are you up to?” It’s so different.

But now, regarding the rising success of the fashion and music industries, they do realise that this is something tangible and both industries are catching up in the world. Both industries are definitely showing another side of Nigeria that the world has neglected. 

NL: What is your trademark “look”?

AM: I am a casual dresser, so I keep it simple with a shirt, jacket and jeans. I guess you can say I am a very conservative when it comes to dressing. If I am wearing traditional, I wear traditional. If I am wearing non-traditional, I wear non-traditional. I don’t like to mix. I also shy away from excessive accessories, but my thing would be wearing funny quirky and coloured watches. Usually, my socks are multi-coloured. I like textured shoes, like these ones, by Versace which are made with black velvet and rubber.

NL: Name three things a man should have in his wardrobe?

AM: A white shirt, black jacket and proper leather dress shoes.

NL: Who is your favourite non-Nigerian fashion designer?

AM: I like Ted Baker because they are very creative.

*Nonny Photography (photos at Audu Maikori’s Lekki Offices)