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NL: What’s Chocolate City about?

AM: It is suppose to be a city, with a lot of sweet stuff going on. People should have fun while working because our business is to create fun, good entertainment for people.

NL: Are you scoping out new talent in Lagos or just focusing on developing current talent that you have?

AM: Chocolate City is growing everyday with new talent coming in every day. We are expanding in terms of developing original content for film and television. We are also into content creation particularly for movies, and corporate events like Nokia and Toyota for example. Chocolate City is not just about music. Its about entertainment.

NL: Can you give us details about Chocolate City’s venture into making movies?

AM: No, it’s a surprise so I cannot give details.

NL: Have you divided your staff into different chocolate categories? 

AM: Yes, we have. We have chocolate-chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate between our staff.

NL: What does the art work in the Chocolate City Entertainment Group logo mean? Please explain it so people understand what’s going on?

AM: I designed it myself and it the circle means the city, the symbolism inside means Music (/) equals (=) the happiness (~).

NL: Wow, we have been enlightened!

AM: (laughs) Yes, you have been enlightened.

NL: Does the art transfer over to your music videos?

AM: When you see a lot of art works in Chocolate city, there is a lot of thought processes and times going into the creation. What we really did wrong with our music videos is that we would pay the producer / director and give them total creative control. Now we make sure we sit down and discuss the theme for every music video to make sure we have a lot of creative videos.

*Nonny Photography (photos at Audu Maikori’s Lekki Offices)

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