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DUABA SERWA…………………….Ghana

"Nelly Hagan Aboagye winner of the British Council Designer of the year 2011 label – Duaba Serwa is a mixture of innovative intricate detailed designs, textures, structure and new types of volumes, Duaba Serwa’s story is about bold effortless beauty and the brand prides itself in the construction of elegant tailored style lines that cater to the woman who prefers understatements elegance to flamboyant extravagance. The designer garments are made for comfort and simplicity, with harmonious lines reinforced by a bold palette of colours and fine materials such as glass beads that are woven intricately in different patterns and sizes. The brand has gained international interest at a short space of time as her work uniquely differs from other brands and innovatively in-tuned with the use of modern fabrics to achieve contemporary designs for the modern woman." 

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Here are Duaba Serwa’s designs at Arise Magazine Fashion Week in March 2012.

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 *Pictures taken by Nonny Diana Dawodu-Chizea