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Paris Fashion Week S/S 14 Review | Junya Watanabe

In the move Spice World, Sir Roger Moore’s character said: “When the speeding melon hits the floor, it’s Christmas for the crows”. His statement was in response to the backlash the Spice Girls faced. And this statement is useful when styling goose wrong. Construction, etc, I could go on about everything I do not like about Watanabe’s collection. The first thing is first, I had to look through images five times before I found what could be wearable. The keyword being “wearable”. And I managed to come up with these five. So I’m at the hair dressers now and I showed the looks to her and all she said was “Quel dommage! Mais tu voudrias cet style”?. A funny moment, when shock and awe in styling takes away from what should be the focus: The clothes. It’s not so grotesque, really. But in all honesty, I am too distracted by why so many fashion houses think shock and awe is inspiring for us to buy, to see their work. It’s gotten to the point now where, all you talk about is: Did you see the vulture’s vomit on the model’s head at Watanabe’s show? Mind you, I like Watanabe and his work. But today, was definitely Christmas for the crows.


Photo: Yannis Vlamos /